Pets 5th Avenue unveils new Vibrant Green Logo on May 1st as new retail stores open

PETS 5th Avenue

TORONTO , ONTARIO, CANADA, May 1, 2023 -- Pets 5th Avenue’s new logo was created by a talented creative Glebe graphic designer, who understood how important, precious and life giving pets are and also Pets 5th Avenue's commitment to excellence in all we do.


Pets 5th Avenue’s vision and growth has been on an incline in terms of making success of pets & their pet families our focus, not being distracted & pursuing excellence”


Pets keep you physically and mentally well and with the work we put into them. Our pets consistently reward us with so much because they want to please us.

Pets 5th Avenue's colors in every store are green representing nature, rebirth and growth.

Pets 5th Avenue Therapy Dogs and Pets 5th Avenue Therapy Dogs are present in each store bringing comfort, love and new beginnings to clients during petting sessions.

Pets 5th Avenue is your Second Home, just a phone call away for pet food, training, daycare, boarding, pet therapy, rehoming and adoption.